Solid Profiled Sections

Solid Profiled Sections Solid Profiled SectionsSolid Profiled Sections
  • KBC has marketing tie-up with a Solid Section manufacturer located in northern India who produces Steel Shapes / Profiles in more than 20 types and sizes of the shown shapes and profiles
  • Pre-shaped hot-rolled custom designed as well as standard sections, with good dimensional tolerances.
  • Lower tooling charges, reduced idle times and substantial saving on scrap material, otherwise generated due to turning and milling.
  • Specific shape/profile required, which is suitable to our mill size can be manufactured as per the drawings provided by the intending purchasers with an assurance for assured tolerances by a continuous on-line check on the profile during production.
  • We have our own R & D department where we can develop any kind of section or profile suitable to our mill size as per the drawings made available to us.

Supply Condition for Solid Profile Section

Solid Profiled Sections
Size and Tolerances  Width of profile section   8.0 to 100 mm 
Thickness of profile section  3.0 mm minimum 
Length of Profile section  3000 mm to 11000 mm 
Tolerances  On width  +/- 0.20 to +/- 0.50 mm 
On thickness  +/- 0.20 to +/- 0.50 mm 
On length  + 100 mm /- 0 mm 
Section Details   Specific weight of Profile section  1.5 to 15 kg per meter 
Cross-section area    
Form of supply  Bar length  As above 
Coil form  For section specific weight of 2.0 kg per meter and below 
Coil weight : 400 kg max 
Coil ID : 750 mm 

Supply Condition for Solid Profile Section

Mild Steels and low carbon high strength steels  SAE 1010, St 37-2, C 15, Fe 540B, C15Pb 
Medium Carbon steels   S 45 C, C50, C 55, St 70.2 
High carbon steels  C 7n b 5 S 

Other grades of carbon steels and low alloy steels not mentioned above may also be served depending upon the quantity and availability of the steel.


Specific Applications : Typical uses

Mild Steels  Auto industry (Pole shoe, Door hinges for cars, Advanced band), Horse shoe, chamfers / Triangle section for construction industry, Gear rings, Nose bars, flat sections for textile m/c, Lappet rails, 
Medium Carbon steels  Auto industry (starter ring gear, lock rings and side rings for wheels), sickles for agriculture, 
High carbon steels and alloy steels  General engineering industry 
Solid Profiled Sections